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xldirectory is a self-served directory.
1. If the listing is already claimed (you do not see the claim button) 
All requests   (update, delete, release the account info and etc.)   pertaining the claimed listing should be initiated from the real business owner email (no gmail, agency, or other generic email accounts; no "on behalf of" requests). xldirectory is a self-served directory.
2. If you are the account holder of the listing, please login to your account to update the info.
If you need to reset the password, follow the link
3. If the listing is available to claim - claim and update the info. 

Always supply the real business owner email in the general business info section. 
You can have your agency email as a registered user account. 

4. If you are requesting the removal of duplicates, please send the correct listing URL along.
5. If the listing does not exist, follow the submission process.
 A request without the  Listing URL will can not be answered.
The request that does not comply or partially comply  with the guidelines above will not be answered.

At this time, we provide the email support only and will answer all the questions you have! 

Sorry, we don't provide the phone support.

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